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Remote working came as a sudden, knee-jerk reaction to the Covid lockdown, and was compulsory for all.

You had no time to plan for the introduction of remote working; you may only now be thinking about how to unpick the realities of working from home and what it has meant for your people and your managers.


It is time to start looking at how you can implement a successful hybrid approach to work; and how to embrace the flexible working that many people now really want. A return to the status quo is unlikely and unwanted.

Our expert team can save you time and energy by managing the change for you.

We have created a number of free downloadables to help you navigate remote working, click below to explore these.

Working From Home

what we do

remote working

5 key factors to consider when assessing remote working:

  1. Work/life balance and boundary setting

  2. Technology

  3. Physical home environment

  4. Communications

  5. Management

The advantages and pitfalls of remote working are explored in our recent blog.

establish culture

Our work psychologists and HR experts work with and support your leadership teams to ensure a culture of flexible working is supported and embedded throughout your organisation.

analyse remote working

We can conduct focus groups, surveys or interviews to gather data from your staff and line managers. We explore what has worked well and any specific challenges and issues they face.

devise a programme

We use the data to develop a programme to support your staff and managers.

This may include awareness and skills training workshops, either online or face-to-face when allowed.

processes and resources

We engage change management and establish communication processes.


We create bespoke resources and tailored tool kits for your teams.


We review your performance management systems to ensure they are based on trust and outputs; we monitor, review and measure the success of the programme (e.g. via feedback survey or focus groups); and we ensure your business is set up to sustain changes to flexible working practices.

remote working

As with all our services, the above represents an illustration of what we can offer.


All projects are co-created with our clients to ensure a tailored approach for each individual service. 

Talk to us about your business.​