return to the office

take your team safely back into the workplace

You managed the transition to get everybody working from home. Now you want to take your team safely back into the workplace. But you have concerns around the constantly changing situation and day-to-day responsibilities impact your ability to deal with the intricacies of the problem.

Your employees are anxious about returning and your managers are struggling to manage people at a distance. There are worries about how to balance wellbeing, productivity, collaboration, a sense of team, and how to maintain the company culture when some people are back working together and some are still working remotely.

Our experienced projects managers, move consultants and work psychologists can help you and your team find the 'hybrid vision' (blending home and office) that will return your business to full productivity. The wellbeing of everyone involved, and the continuity of your work flow, will be central throughout the process as we undertake risk assessments, staff consultation and digest the guidance. Then we develop appropriate policies and protocols, communicate them to the workforce, provide support through the transition and evaluate our success.

Babel Projects can provide guidance and project management services in all of the areas below, ensuring your plans are implemented safely and in line with the latest government guidelines. 

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risk assessment

A key stage when planning your return to the office

Open Space Office

Considering everyone's needs at work

City Crowds

Shift patterns, team rotas

Modern Office

Routes, circulation and areas of congregation

Urban Cycler

Health and hygiene

Group Discussion
staff comms

Consulting and engaging with your team

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Planning visitor management


Capacity and occupancy planning

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Policies and etiquette

Movers Carrying Shelving Unit

Move management and project coordination

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Providing support around employee wellbeing

Product Inventory
safe handling

Goods and materials

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Reuse and reconfiguration

Office Hang Out

Communication and behaviour change

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Storage and filing

return to the office

As with all our services, the above represents an illustration of what we can offer.


All projects are co-created with our clients to ensure a tailored approach for each individual service. 

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