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Four people in a casual modern office are having a meeting about change management. Everyone is involved.

change management

people generally feel safe in the status quo. we are predisposed to resist change.

Our change management services support your team as they negotiate their change journey; and we know how challenging that can be. We know that people generally feel safe in the status quo, and are pre-disposed to resist change: a natural survival instinct, which dates back to our caveman ancestry.


We also know that if we provide clear and timely information, engage employees through participation, allow some autonomy, and ensure a supportive culture is in place, then your change has every chance of success.

When we need to change, it can be hard to know how to do it effectively, especially when it involves change for others. You may wonder how to make new expectations and behaviours stick in your team. And you need to ensure business is unaffected while changes occur. At the same time, you have other priorities demanding your attention.

At Babel Projects, we listen carefully to understand the complexities of the change needed and the desired outcomes. We partner with you to develop a bespoke change process that’s right for your business. We are experts on culture change mechanisms and behaviour change theories: evidence-based models and processes that have been proven to work. And we help you predict where resistance to change may occur and work with you to overcome it.

If you need to put change into action, we can help your workplace change for the better.

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What We Do

unlock behaviour change

There are three key factors in successful behaviour change:

  1. Capability – are people physically and mentally able to make the change?

  2. Opportunity – does the physical and social environment enable change?

  3. Motivation – do people want to make the change?

Click here to download further information on the COM-B model of behaviour change.



We work with your leadership team to understand culture, values and the business need for change.


We engage with key stakeholders to ensure buy in and agree goals.


We consult with staff to understand their needs, desires and potential barriers to change.

We secure a baseline measure of the current situation against which to measure success.



We develop a compelling vision and business case for change, creating a sense of urgency.

We map the stages of the change journey and resources needed.

We build the change team / steering group.

We design a communications strategy. 



We put a communications plan into action.

We run workshops to train managers and staff.

We develop new process documents, resources and policies as required.

We celebrate wins / milestones.

We support your leaders to enable and drive the changes.



We monitor and measure the success of the change (e.g. via focus groups, survey and interviews)

We make recommendations for future action as necessary

We ensure plans are in place for sustainability of change.

change management

As with all our services, the above represents an illustration of what we can offer.


All projects are co-created with our clients to ensure a tailored approach for each individual service. 

Talk to us about your business.​

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