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Jennifer Duckworth MSc Chartered MCIPD


work psychologist

workplace wellbeing consultant




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Jennifer’s passion and drive for her subject are clear in the high quality of her work, and her conscientious and personable nature mean she is a pleasure to work with. 


I am a Work Psychologist with extensive HR experience across both public and private sector organisations.

I am passionate about marrying the rigours of scientific research with operational HR expertise to deliver practical guidance and tools that really work for organisations, and make a genuine difference to the working lives of normal people.

  • C.I.P.D. post graduate certificate

  • MSc Occupational and Business Psychology

  • B.P.S. accredited psychometric Test User

  • Expert verifier for London Healthy Workplace Award 





I thrive on delivering strategic health and wellbeing and OD consultancy projects, both through Babel Projects and Associate engagements.


I love partnering with organisations to help them build fantastic cultures that maximise people's wellbeing and performance.  I have a particular interest and passion for improving mental health and resilience in the workplace.

In addition, I enjoy working with people to help them understand individual differences, through personality profiling, 121 coaching and team workshops.

HarperCollins Publishers

Reading a Book
Harper Collins

Babel managed a 500-person HarperCollins business relocation from Hammersmith to London Bridge. I was heavily involved in the planning and staff engagement elements from the internal perspective.

Workplace Wellbeing

Network Rail

Railway at Night
Network Rail

I ran the communications and behaviour change arm of a large workplace change project, enabling and encouraging staff to transition to an agile working model.

Workplace Project

Bedford, Luton & Milton Keynes NHS Trust

Bedford, Luton & Milton Keynes NHS Trust

I developed a new competency framework to define the key knowledge, skills and attributes necessary for effective 'Integrated Care' working at the Trust.  

policy development



I ran a major workplace wellbeing research and consultancy project, exploring the impact that the FCA physical environment had on staff health and wellbeing, pre and post relocation.

Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy


I have expert knowledge and understanding of how people think, learn and behave at work.

I also have a wide range of hands-on experience and proven practical HR and OD skills across a mix of organisations. 

I'd love to support you and your people through changes in your organisation to improve wellbeing and help you thrive.

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