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East London NHS Foundation Trust

Jennifer worked on an 8 month Organisational Development project for East London NHS Foundation Trust.  Partnering with Affinity Health at Work, a niche occupational psychology consultancy and research group, Jennifer refined, tested and developed a new competency framework for Bedfordshire, Luton & Milton Keynes Integrated Care System.    The framework describes the key knowledge, skills and attributes required by staff for integrated care working, across the full range of health and social care settings.


The framework was developed by following a robust and participative methodology and through regular collaboration with a small project group, to ensure it was truly fit for purpose.  The full project included an existing evidence review (drawing on research and practitioner literature), development of a draft framework, utility testing of the framework via four separate stakeholder focus groups, and quantitative testing via an online survey.  The latter stage allowed academic-grade statistical analyses which tested of the reliability and validity of the framework, including the investigation of how different indicators of integrated care were associated with job related outcomes, and exploration of how integrated care differed by agency and occupational groups.


The project delivered on its aims, generating a new Integrated Care competency framework, with behavioural indicators that constitute a way of measuring competence in this area.  It can now be used by the organisation as a tool around which to structure discussions for individuals and teams, and provides a platform for further development to use at all levels of the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to performance appraisal, selection and assessment, and development and promotion.


Dr Rachel Lewis, Director at Affinity Health at Work said “I worked with Jen on a large and complex project for the NHS involving both qualitative and quantitative work.  Jen’s work was excellent at each stage, from sourcing the best available evidence on which to ground the project, summarising and synthesising the findings, facilitating workshops, developing our survey, and managing and analysing survey responses. She completed her work consistently on time, building rapport with all stakeholders in the project, and working with motivation and accuracy independently. She also demonstrated flexibility of approach when the scope of the project changed. I would not hesitate to work with her again.”

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