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Loughborough University and Financial Conduct Authority

Jennifer worked with Loughborough University’s School of Exercise, Health and Sports Science on a major research and consultancy project for FCA in 2018/19.


In recent years, there has been an increased focus on designing workplaces that promote less time sitting, and greater movement and social interaction to improve worker wellbeing.  Loughborough University were commissioned by FCA to run an independent research study, exploring the impact of the physical environment on health and wellbeing in the workplace.   Jennifer was contracted by Loughborough to support the design and implementation of this project, and drive its day-to-day management.


Running over a period of 16 months, the study took place in the context of the FCA’s relocation from Canary Wharf to brand new premises in Stratford (next to the Olympic Park).  The project examined the impact of the new location, the building’s active design features (such as lay-out, open staircases, sit-stand desks and quiet zones); new ways of working (such as unassigned desk or ‘agile’ working) and workplace culture, and evaluated the influence these factors had on various indicators of physical and mental wellbeing.


A range of data-collection methods were used to take pre- and post-move measures, including a large online survey, stakeholder interviews and health assessments (including BMI and blood pressure).  Some participants also wore an accelerometer device for 7 days, which objectively tracked their sitting, standing and walking time. 


Jennifer was instrumental in the design phase of this project, and demonstrated her excellent organisational skills through her management of participant recruitment, survey dissemination and appointment coordination.  She also showed great tenacity in stakeholder management and an ability to anticipate and resolve problems to keep the project on schedule.  


Jennifer is skilled at building relationships and partnered closely with internal HR representatives and the Communications team, using her significant corporate experience to ensure an effective bridge was created between the academic and organisational priorities.  Her interpersonal flair and empathy for others also enabled us to gain great depth of insight through the stakeholder interviews she conducted.


Jennifer also undertook complex statistical analyses and played a key role in the preparation and presentation of the final client report, synthesising the multi-faceted data and marrying it with organisational needs, to deliver strong, workable recommendations to the client.  Jennifer’s passion and drive for her subject are clear in the high quality of her work, and her conscientious and personable nature mean she is a pleasure to work with.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her for similar work in the future.


Dr Fehmidah Munir


SEHSS, Loughborough University

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