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employee wellbeing

building a solid culture of wellbeing at work is absolutely critical to the success of businesses today

Organisations today are increasingly focused on promoting good employee mental health and physical wellbeing.  


Not only is caring for your people an ethical priority, scientific research demonstrates clear links between employee wellbeing and work engagement, business performance, attraction and retention.   

Talk to us if you are considering what you can do to assess, support and improve wellbeing within your organisation. 

You can hear our lead Psychologist, Jen Duckworth, talking about the importance of wellbeing at work in the video clip below.

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organisational  psychology

At Babel Projects, our psychologists have a deep understanding of the range of factors that influence the health and wellbeing of your people.


We can evaluate the different factors that impact employees, including:


  • organisational culture

  • management practices

  • job design factors

  • physical workplace features

  • healthy lifestyle behaviours

And we can help you develop a clear strategy to embed a positive working environment that supports wellbeing at work, and maximises job satisfaction, motivation and commitment.

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employee wellbeing

 8 key factors that impact it:

  1. Job demands 

  2. Level of autonomy

  3. Support from others

  4. Positive relationships

  5. Role Clarity 

  6. Management of Change

  7. Opportunities to learn

  8. Personal lifestyle choices

To understand wellbeing in your business, and then target your activities effectively, you can measure these areas using a staff survey.

Download an example set of questions below.



We use surveys and interviews to measure employee mental and physical health.


Assessing job-related stressors, health-related behaviours, staff engagement and satisfaction is the first step in developing a wellbeing strategy.

We also assess organisational indicators, such as absence and turnover, and agree objectives.



We analyse the data and use it to develop a bespoke path to wellbeing for your workplace and workforce.

We can deliver recommendations and manage the implementation too.



Our workplace psychologists work alongside your team to implement changes that target stressors, respond to issues and optimise staff wellbeing.


Your staff and leadership team are trained and recommendations are made for future action.



We re-evaluate your employees’ wellbeing after interventions to demonstrate the impact of the changes. We conduct follow-up focus groups and annual surveys to track wellbeing improvements and in your employees and your organisational outcomes.

workplace wellbeing services

As with all our services, the above represents an illustration of what we can offer.


All projects are co-created with our clients to ensure a tailored approach for each individual service. 

Talk to us about your business.​

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