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Houses of Parliament

As part of the Richmond House decant preparations during the summer of 2019, Fileworks was engaged with Cluttons to undertake a detailed storage and filing audit of the back-office support divisions in Richmond House (Parliament’s Northern estate).


The Fileworks team worked in meticulous detail to compile data for each department on the storage capacity they held and how they were utilising it.  In total, over 2.6km of storage was uncovered!  They also revealed the many different ways that paper was generated and processed in the offices and developed a highly detailed report highlighting key findings and making recommendations.


On the basis of Fileworks’ expert advice, a storage reduction target of 38% was set for Richmond House teams.  They also helped devise a storage policy document to educate the staff and enable the changes to take place.


The project wasn’t without its challenges, the long-serving and traditional workforce were a potentially tough audience.  However, with Fileworks dedicated, efficient approach, they were able to tease out all the information they needed. The project team partnered with the inhouse reps to provide a supportive and seamless process, regular guidance and monitoring to confirm all was on track in terms of reaching their goals. 


The Fileworks team demonstrated great flexibility and organisation, using their substantial experience to manage delays and anticipate and smooth issues. The project was completed within the given timescales and on budget.

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