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managing change 

creating a positive culture

Our project managers, consultants and work psychology experts take the strain from your leadership team to plan and manage business changes and build a positive culture, focused on employee wellbeing and performance.

Culture transition, relocations and new leadership are just some of the major organisational changes that will affect your team. Without clear focus and support, poorly managed change can bring dips in productivity, morale and wellbeing, leading to retention challenges and a decline in revenue.

Babel Projects have decades of experience and expertise behind each of our services. We anticipate and mitigate the negative effects of change. We also transform the experience into a positive evolution that puts wellbeing and high performance at the centre of your workplace.

change management

Leading and supporting you through business transitions

employee wellbeing

Maximising employee wellbeing and productivity

workplace consultancy

Tailored plans for your specific business needs

business relocation

Expert move management with a no downtime policy

filing & storage

Assess, reduce and relocate your filing and storage

improving employee resilience

Work can be incredibly demanding. Many people experience high workloads, poor management and a relentless level of change. Some may be very tired and running on empty.


Research shows that organisations that genuinely value their people and create supportive environments, will reap the benefits in the long term.


Resilience is the ability to ‘bounce back’ from the stressors in life, and grow stronger through coping with life’s challenges.  


We can equip your people with the knowledge and skills to build their resilience, benefitting them as an individual and your organisation as a whole.  Alongside this, we will help you identify and address the main sources of stress in your organisation – prevention is always better than cure.

Working from Home

hybrid working

Hybrid working looks like it is here to stay. People want to retain the flexibility they gained during the pandemic. And the research is clear that forcing a full-time return to the office will not support business goals.


We help businesses to understand the pros and cons of remote working, helping them embed flexible solutions for their people and build a great organisational culture. 


Create hybrid working policies; train your managers; assess productivity; and reap positive benefits right across your business.

our team

Meet the people behind Babel Projects.


Learn more about the experience, qualifications and skills we bring to each project.


Together, we can help you with employee experience, organisational culture, change management, health and wellbeing, business relocation, and filing and

storage management. Many of our projects are bespoke, bringing a number of these aspects together to deliver what you need.

Jennifer Duckworth

Babel Projects Cofounder

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Work Psychologist

Ian Duckworth

Babel Projects Cofounder

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Project Director

Ian Duckworth

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