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  • Jennifer Duckworth

How to do 'Hybrid Working' Right

Lots of organisations are busy planning for their return to the office right now. The warm spring sunshine and budding blossom is giving us new found hope and a promise of better things to come as lockdown lifts (*crosses fingers*).

Increasingly leaders, workplace and HR experts are promoting a ‘hybrid’ model of working – where people move flexibly between office setting, home and ‘third spaces’ (such as client sites, cafes, or anywhere else that suits the individual).

This is true flexible, agile working, and it has great value, IF organisations can retain the advantages of home working AND simultaneously offer their people the much-missed essentials of office life – face-to-face collaboration, fun and banter, informal learning, and those water-cooler ‘serendipitous’ conversations (that no one – not even the experts – have been able to suggest a virtual alternative for!)

This fantastic Harvard Business Review article by awesome management guru Dr Lynda Gratton gives a great framework on how to implement hybrid working well.

It highlights the fact that we have a unique opportunity right now to create exciting new ways of working that really benefit both the individual and the organisation.

It also walks you through all the key considerations you need to address to build a great hybrid strategy:

1. Jobs and Tasks

2. Individual Preferences

3. Projects and workflows

4. Fairness and inclusion

There’s even an option to listen via podcast! Check it out, and let me know what you think in the comments below…

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