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filing & storage consultancy

provided by Fileworks

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significantly reduce on-site storage by at least 40%

Fileworks is owned by the Babel Projects team. We have long-standing success in managing filing and storage projects.

Clients typically reduce on-site storage by at least 40% with our services. We do this by reducing dependency on paper and its footprint on the office.​

Our filing and storage experts observe and analyse your team's work flows to uncover and implement the most efficient filing system for your business.​

Our hands-on approach looks at how your team accesses, shares and stores your hard copy documentation. We find opportunities to reduce waste, update habits and shrink volume saving your business long-term storage costs, improving accessibility and introducing best practice.

paper evaluation

We look at what documentation and media you and your teams have.


We break down the patterns of who uses hard copy, how it is used, and how it is stored with an eye out for opportunities to become more efficient.

Files and Packages
Woman Checking Data on Tablet

Our storage and filing consultant uses the evaluation data to create a complete picture of your current set up along with carefully considered recommendations for improvements.



paper management

Our service manages your staff through the clearance, archiving and scanning of documents as they move over to the new way of doing things.


Reaching for a Book
Shredded Paper in Waste Basket
clearance management

We work with your teams one by one, and provide hands on support and encouragement to actively manage clearance activity.

workflow & policies

We rework your document workflows and establish retention policies that reduce dependency on paper, and ultimately space.

Standing Desk
Moving Day
move support

Your filing and storage overhaul might be a part of a bigger relocation project. Moving everything and everyone during an office relocation can be a logistical challenge. We love it.

We provide filing and storage support during your whole move, taking full responsibility for delivery. We ensure milestones are achieved and any issues are mitigated and managed out.


We will be there as you arrive and settle in, coordinating day one activity and ensuring any niggles are ironed out quickly.


Around one month after your project finishes, we return to assess storage practices and workspace use.


We then work with local teams to organise ongoing support and training where needed.

Working Together

filing and storage

As with all our services, the above represents an illustration of what we can offer.


All projects are co-created with our clients to ensure a tailored approach for each individual service. 

Talk to us about your business.​

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